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The Biology Department at UPR with its new undergraduate curriculum offers a versatile program that will prepare students for a graduate career in science or for medical school and related health-allied professions. Students not interested in these options, will find a broad range of courses that when coordinated with those offered by other departments in the College of Natural Sciences, will prepare them to understand the increasing complexities of a world in which science, and biology in particular, play a fundamental role in dealing with ethical, medical, economic, and environmental problems among others.

We have a group of extremely well qualified Faculty that are involved in cutting edge research programs of international recognition, and offer motivating classes in their areas of expertise. The Department of Biology has traditionally encouraged students to get involved in research at various levels.


The Department of Biology emphasizes an education where creativity and research are of uttermost importance. The curriculum offers students the flexiblity for taking courses and stimulates inter and multidisciplinary work along two main concentrations, namely Cellular-Molecular or Integrative Biology.

The area of Integrative Biology seeks to understand life through the integration of knowledge from multiple levels of biological organization ranging from molecules to ecosystems. Students entering this area will receive a solid preparation in genetics, evolution, the structure and funcion of organisms, and ecology. For a brochure click IB.

The area of Cellular-Molecular Biology seeks to understand life through the study of the molecular, structural, and physiological mechanisms that makes cells, the basic units upon which organisms are built, what they are. Students that choose this area will receive a soild preparation in genetics, biochemistry, and cellular biology. For a brochure click CM.


Contact information

Dr. Rosaura Ramirez
Undergraduate Coordinator
(787) 764 0000 x 1-2015
Ms. Shailini Diaz
Undergraduate Program Secretary
(787) 764 0000 x 1-2577