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Undergraduate Research Sponsors

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Name Institution Research interests
Miguel A. Acevedo UPRRP Quantitative Ecology, Disease Ecology, Movement Ecology, and Conservation Planning
James D. Ackerman UPRRP Tropical Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Biogeography of the Caribbean, Invasive Species Biology, Pollination Biology, Orchid Natural History, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
José L. Agosto UPRRP Molecular Genetics, Drosophila
Mitchell Aide UPRRP Land Use Change and Implications for Conservation, Biodiversity Monitoring By Automating Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation
Carmen Albizu UPRRCM
Luis Alonso UPRRP
Pablo I. Altieri
Mikhail Antoun UPRRCM
Edna E. Aquino UPRRCM Characterization of Resistance Genes in Gram Negative Bacteria
Sylvette Ayala UPRRCM
Adriana Báez UPRRCM
Abel J. Baerga UPRRCM Biosynthesis of Natural Products
Dipak K. Banerjee UPRRCM
Jennifer L. Bareto UPRRCM
Paul Bayman UPRRP Mycology, Plant Pathology, Plant-Fungal Interactions, Fungal Secondary Metabolism and Pathogenicity
Martine Behra UPRRCM Regeneration in A Sensory Epithelium in the Zebrafish
Francisco Bermúdez UPRRCM
Guillermo Bernal UPRRP
Ricardo Betancur UPRRP Evolutionary Biology, Systematics, Phylogenetics, and Ichthyology
Jonathan Blagburn UPRRCM
Rosa E. Blanco UPRRCM
Benjamin Bolaños UPRRCM Tropical Aerobiology: Role of the Outdoor Fungal Spores on the Respiratory Health
Michelle Borrero UPRRP Science Education in Cellular and Molecular Biology
Nicholas Brokaw UPRRP Patterns and Causes of Tropical Tree Diversity and Forest Structure
Patricia A. Burrowes UPRRP Herpetology, Causes of Amphibian Decline in Puerto Rico, Science Education
Carmen L. Cadilla UPRRCM
Maribel Campos UPRRCM Epidemiology and Clinical Outcomes of Myelomeningocele in Puerto Rico
Nestor M. Carballeira UPRRP
Michael Clatts UPRRCM Behavioral Risk, ST's Viral Hepatitis and HIV Among High Risk Youth and Young Adults in Pueto Rico
Consuelo Climent UPRRCM Anti-HTLVI/II Prevalence in Puertorican Blood Donors
Jorge L. Colón UPRRP 1) Drug Delivery Using Nanoparticles, 2) Artificial Photosynthesis, 3) Amperometric Biosensors Using Layered Materials
Vivian Colón UPRRCM Clinical Research in AID and Related Factor
Susan Corey UPRRCM Modulation of NA, K-ATPASE Expression and Action
Edwin Crespo UPRRP Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Skeletal Human Biology, Paleopathology, Mortuary Practices in Ancient Population
Maria J. Crespo UPRRCM Role of Vascular RAS in Early Coronary Dysfunction in the Cardiomyopathic Hamster
Marcía Cruz UPRRCM
Elvira Cuevas UPRRP Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Processes and Function, Plant-Soil Interactions, Nutrient Cycling, Carbon Cycle
Ana M. Díaz UPRRCM
Elba C. Díaz UPRRCM Cancer Research on Tobacco and Alcohol Use
Manuel E. Díaz UPRRCM Sensory Information to Spinal Cord Interneurons After Injury
Walmor de Mello UPRRCM Heart Failure
Wilfredo Delgado UPRRCM
Maria G. Dominguez UPRRP Microbiol Ecology, Forgut Fermentation in Vertebrates
Jorge Duconge UPRRCM Pharmacogenetics of Warfarin in Puerto Rican Patients Using A Physiogenomics Approach
Donald C. Dunbar UPRRCM Correction of Asymmetric Stepping Via Epidural Stimulation of the Lumbosacral Spinal Cord in the Rhesus Monkey-a Pilot Study
Augusto Elias UPRRCM Oral Health Status of 12 Years Old Puerto Ricans: the Impact of A Health Reform Program
Nelson Escobales UPRRCM
Ana M. Espino UPRRCM
Vesna A. Eterovic
Pedro A. Ferchmin
Emma Fernández UPRRCM Biomedical Applications of Flow Cytometry
Zomary Flores UPRRP Host-microbe Interactions, Bacterial Genetics, Mutualisms, Reactive Oxygen Species
Ileana Galanes UPRRP Relationships Between Woody Plant Diversity and Spatial Configuration of Tropical Forest Patches of Different Ages
Ines García UPRRCM Preemies and Families
José E. García UPRRP Nervous System Development and Regeneration
Lourdes García UPRRCM Medical Conditions Affecting the Newborn
Sixto García UPRRCM
Melissa S. Gerald UPRRCM
Yamil Gerena UPRRCM Endocrinology, Pharmacology Molecular Basis of Diabetes Type 2
Evone Ghaly UPRRCM
Alfredo Ghezzi UPRRP Molecular Neuroscience, Behavioral Genetics, Neuroadaptation and Addiction
Tugrul Giray UPRRP Behavioral Development, Social Insects
Carlos I. González UPRRP Molecular Biology, Control of Gene Expression
Carmen González UPRRCM
Janis González UPRRCM
Michael J. González UPRRCM
Kai Griebenow UPRRP
Ana R. Guadalupe UPRRP
Richard Hann
Eliud Hernández UPRRCM Small-molecule Inhibitors of N-WASP As Anti Breast Cancer Metastasis Compounds
George V. Hillyer UPRRCM
Margarita Irizarry UPRRCM
Sabzali Javadov UPRRCM Cell Biology of Cardiac Dysfuntion and Physiology
Braulio D. Jiménez UPRRCM
Carlos A. Jiménez UPRRCM
Rafael L. Joglar UPRRP Herpetology, Conservation Biology
Kaumudi Joshipura UPRRCM Periodontitis, Biomarkers and Cardivascular Disease
Robert W. Kensler UPRRCM
Wieslaw J. Kozek UPRRCM
Edmundo Kraiselburd UPRRCM
Damien Kuffler UPRRCM
Lydia M. López UPRRCM
José A. Lasalde UPRRP Molecular Biology, Nicotinic Receptors
D. J. Lodge IITF Fungus Systematics
Maria A. Loza UPRRCM Prosthetic Complications on Implant Retained Prosthesis: A Ten-year Follow-up
Carlos Luciano UPRRCM
Ariel E. Lugo IITF Tropical Forest Ecology and Management
Carmen S. Maldonado UPRRP Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Drug Addiction
Imar Mansilla UPRRCM
Bruno Marie UPRRCM The Molecular Control of Synaptic Homeostasis
Karen G. Martínez UPRRCM The Use of Neuropsychological Tests and Fear Conditioning and Extinction to Improve the Screening and Evaluation of Anxiety Disorders
Magaly Martínez UPRRCM Role of Inflammation and Phytochemicals in Prostate Cancer
Idali Martinez UPRRCM
Steven Massey UPRRP Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics, Pathogen and Microbial Genomics, Molecular and Genome Evolution, High Throughput Sequencing, Complexity Theory, Molecular Modelling and Simulation
Ana R. Mayol UPRRP Development, Implementation and Assessment of Educational Materials for Levels 7-12 Where Fundamental Concepts in Nanosciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences Are Combined
Andrés F. Mejía UPRRCM Prevalence of Shigella and Encephalomyocarditis Virus at the Caribbean Primate Animal Population
Elvia J. Meléndez UPRRP Effects of Exotic Species on Plant Communties
Loyda M. Melendez UPRRCM
Mark W. Miller UPRRCM
Brenda Mirabal UPRRCM Neonatology, Pediatric Care, Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome
Jorge D. Miranda UPRRCM
Jorge R. Miranda UPRRCM Alternative Approaches to Cancer
Reginald Molares UPRRP
Irma L. Molina
Evangelia Morou UPRRCM
Ana E. Muñiz UPRM
Gladys M. Nazario UPRRP Ethnobotany, Medicinal, Poisonous, and Allucigonenic Plants and Their Use, Science Education
Edna Negrón UPRRCM
José A. Norat UPRRCM
Ana P. Ortiz UPRRCM Clinical Research, Epidemilogy, Breast Cancer
Jorge R. Ortiz UPRRP Carbon Metabolism in Tropical Island Streams, Applied Limnology, Water Resources Management
José G. Ortiz UPRRCM
Nerian Ortiz UPRRCM Health Education, Breastfeeding Studies and Clinical Assessment
Cynthia M. Pérez UPRRCM Relation of Body Mass Index to Future Risk 2 Diabetes Melitus, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer in Puertorican Adolescents: An Evaluation of the Contribution By Adipocytokines, Insulin Resistance and Inflamation
Nivia L. Pérez UPRRCM
Riccardo Papa UPRRP Molecular Genetics and Development
Sandra Peña UPRRP Molecular Neurobiology, Memory
Esther A. Peterson UPRRP Breast Cancer, Cell Biology, Growth Factor Receptor Signaling in Cancer
Alan M. Preston UPRRCM
Gregory J. Quirk UPRRCM Neural Mechanisms in Learning and Fear Extinction, Neurobiology of Emotions
Alonso Ramírez UPRRP Aquatic Ecology
Rosaura Ramírez UPRRP Neuroscience, Science Education
Juan S. Ramirez UPRRP Pedagogías Basadas En La Indagación E Investigación, Bioquímica Y Biología Molecular De Respuestas A Estresores Ambientales
Raphael G. Raptis UPRRP
Carla Restrepo UPRRP Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Plant-Animal Interactions, Conservation
Kevin Riley UPRRCM Computational Studies on the Variable Agonism of Estrogen Receptor Alpha and Beta By Several …
Sona Rivas UPRRCM Periodontitis, Biomarkers and Cardivascular Disease
Amelia Rivera
Juan A. Rivera UPRRCM Neonatal Nutrition in Premature Babies, Pediatric Clinical Research
Miguel A. Rivera UPRRCM
Loretta Roberson UPRRP Physiology, Survival, Growth, and Reproduction of Tropical Marine Grasses, Algae, and Corals
Iraida E. Robledo UPRRCM Characterization of Resistance Genes in Gram Negative Bacteria
Abimael Rodríguez UPRRP
Carlos J. Rodríguez UPRRCM
José R. Rodríguez UPRRCM
Pablo Rodríguez UPRRCM Critical Care Test As A Maker of Knowledge in A Trauma ICU Rotation
Wanda Rodríguez UPRH Environmental Microbiology
Jose A. Rodriguez UPRRP Functional Genomics, Molecular Recognition of Nucleic Acids, Gene Regulation, Protein-DNA Interactions, Transcription Factors, Biophysics
Linnette Rodriguez UPRRCM HIV Risk Behaviors, Depression, and Suicidal Behavior Among Dropout and In-School Adolescents
Nuri Rodriguez UPRRCM
Legier Rojas
Ángel A. Román UPRRCM
Josefina Romaguera UPRRCM Population-Based Study of the Prevalence of Cervical Human Papillomavirus Infection in Puerto Rican Women of the San Juan Municipalities
Eduardo Rosa UPRRP Circuit Neuroscience and Nanoneuroscience
Osvaldo Rosario UPRRP Anovel Methodology to Determine the Presence of B-N-methylamino-L-alanine Neurotoxin in Natural Waters
Sonia Saavedra Carbapenemase-Producing Straings Among Imipenem-Resistant Gram-negative Bacilli at the VA Caribbean Healthcare System
Alberto Sabat UPRRP Population Ecology
Priscilla Sanabria
Guido E. Santacana UPRRCM
Eduardo A. Santiago A Comparison of Hand Assisted Laparoscopic and Open Tecniques for Live Donor Nephrectomy in the Puerto Rico Transplant Center
Eugenio Santiago UPRRP Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography, Ethnobotany
Carlos A. Sariol UPRRCM
Eric R. Schreiter UPRRP Structural Characterization of E, Coli PhnD
Annabell C. Segarra UPRRCM
Adelfa Serrano UPRRCM
Frieda Silva UPRRCM
Walter I. Silva UPRRCM
Yadira A. Soler UPRRCM Use of the PRIFLE Classification System to Assess Clinical Course and Outcome of Critically Ill Pediatric Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Maria S. Sosa UPRRCM
Edu B. Suárez UPRP Air Pollution, Asthma, and Other Respiratory Conditions in Puerto Rico: the Role of African Dust
Marta Suárez UPRRCM Use of the PRIFLE Classification System to Assess Clinical Course and Outcome of Critically Ill Pediatric Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Richard Thomas UPRRP Biogeography and Systematics, Herpetology
Giovanni Tirado UPRRP Processing of Emotional Content and Brain Activation in Adolescents Treated with Either Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Or SSRIs for Major Depression, (Short Title: Neuroimaging and Depression.)
Maribel Tirado UPRRCM
Gary A. Toranzos UPRRP Environmental Microbiology
Carlos A. Torres UPRRCM
Carlos M. Torres UPRRP Molecular Modeling of the Diferent Properties That Affect Chemical Reactivity in Aqueous Solutions
Esther A. Torres UPRRCM Clinical Research in Gastroenterology
Luis J. Torres UPRRCM Molecular Biology of R-plasmid From Pathogenic Bacteria, Microbial Genetics
Valance Washington UPRRP Role of Platelet Receptor and TREM-Like Transcript -1 in the Regulation of the Immune Response in Coagulation and Disease
Valerie Wojna UPRRCM
Joseph M. Wunderle IITF Avian Behavior and Ecology
Mei Yu UPRRP Geospatial Analisys & Modeling in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Jess K. Zimmerman UPRRP Dynamics of Tropical Plant Communities.  Tropical Tree Life Histories, Restoration Ecology.  Orchid Reproductive Ecology, Ant Ecology
Carmen D. Zorrilla UPRRCM Clinical Research at the Maternal Infant Studies Center (CEMI)
Xioming Zou UPRRP Ecosystem and Soil Ecology
Conchita Zuazaga UPRRCM
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