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Inter UPR Faculty

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Name Research interests
Nicholas Brokaw Patterns and Causes of Tropical Tree Diversity and Forest Structure
Olga L. Mayol Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry
Elvia J. Meléndez Effects of Exotic Species on Plant Communties
Jorge R. Ortiz Carbon Metabolism in Tropical Island Streams, Applied Limnology, Water Resources Management
Gregory J. Quirk Neural Mechanisms in Learning and Fear Extinction, Neurobiology of Emotions
Alonso Ramírez Aquatic Ecology
Loretta Roberson Physiology, Survival, Growth, and Reproduction of Tropical Marine Grasses, Algae, and Corals
Mei Yu Geospatial Analisys & Modeling in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Jess K. Zimmerman Dynamics of Tropical Plant Communities.  Tropical Tree Life Histories, Restoration Ecology.  Orchid Reproductive Ecology, Ant Ecology
Xioming Zou Ecosystem and Soil Ecology
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