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General Information for Prospective Students

Our graduate program offers diverse opportunities for students seeking a research career in Biology, a discipline with an increasing social and economical impact in the world. Those seeking alternative careers in the industry, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, among others, will gain hands-on experience in research and an appreciation for how science is done and how it can improve our daily lives.

Students applying to our graduate program are advised to plan ahead of time to make sure that all the material that accompanies the application arrives by the established deadline so that it is considered in the review process. As part of the planning process we encourage prospective students to contact faculty members with whom they share interests to explore possibilities of working together, and suggestions of funding sources. Planning ahead of time is particularly important for foreign students to avoid delays in the arrival of the official GRE scores and application materials. Students accepted into our graduate program are required to participate in a 4-week summer orientation course which includes teaching methodologies, ethics, safety, among other issues.

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