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Admissions Criteria

The Department of Biology has a standard criteria to evaluate student's applications and determine their suitability to our program. These criteria by themselves are not sufficient for admission. Students with the strongest academic records and research experience and interests that match that of our graduate faculty will rank the highest. The research statement that is part of the application, evidence of research experience, and the letters of recommendation carry a heavy weight at the time of ranking the applications.

We strongly recommend contacting our faculty before the application procedure. This may increase your chances of being admitted to our program given that the faculty shares your research interests and agrees to guide through your first semester, if not through your entire time at UPR-RP as your advisor. Decisions regarding courses, topics for a research project, and other academic issues are taken between the two of you.

Students applying to our graduate program should hold a bachelor's degree in Biology or equivalent and have a minimum point average (GPA) of 3.00 overall and in Science and Language (Spanish and English) courses. In addition, applicants should have taken one course in each of two of the following areas: (1) Genetics, (2) Developmental Biology, Cellular/Molecular Biology, and (3) Organismal Biology, Evolution, and Ecology; two semesters of General Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry with their respective labs, and one semester of Calculus.

Students must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test and we highly recommend taking the GRE subject tests (Biology or Biochemistry and Cellular/Molecular Biology). These should be taken within three years prior to your application to the Program.

Checklist of Admissions Criteria for M.Sc. degree

Checklist of Admissions Criteria for Ph.D. degree

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