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Name Institution Unit Research interests
Miguel A. Acevedo UPRRP Biology Quantitative Ecology, Disease Ecology, Movement Ecology, and Conservation Planning
James D. Ackerman UPRRP Biology Tropical Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Biogeography of the Caribbean, Invasive Species Biology, Pollination Biology, Orchid Natural History, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
José L. Agosto UPRRP Biology Molecular Genetics, Drosophila
Mitchell Aide UPRRP Biology Land Use Change and Implications for Conservation, Biodiversity Monitoring By Automating Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation
Paul Bayman UPRRP Biology Mycology, Plant Pathology, Plant-Fungal Interactions, Fungal Secondary Metabolism and Pathogenicity
Ricardo Betancur UPRRP Biology Evolutionary Biology, Systematics, Phylogenetics, and Ichthyology
Nicholas Brokaw UPRRP ITES Patterns and Causes of Tropical Tree Diversity and Forest Structure
Patricia A. Burrowes UPRRP Biology Herpetology, Causes of Amphibian Decline in Puerto Rico, Science Education
Elvira Cuevas UPRRP Biology Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Processes and Function, Plant-Soil Interactions, Nutrient Cycling, Carbon Cycle
Maria G. Dominguez UPRRP Biology Microbiol Ecology, Forgut Fermentation in Vertebrates
Zomary Flores UPRRP Biology Host-microbe Interactions, Bacterial Genetics, Mutualisms, Reactive Oxygen Species
José E. García UPRRP Biology Nervous System Development and Regeneration
Alfredo Ghezzi UPRRP Biology Molecular Neuroscience, Behavioral Genetics, Neuroadaptation and Addiction
Tugrul Giray UPRRP Biology Behavioral Development, Social Insects
Carlos I. González UPRRP Biology Molecular Biology, Control of Gene Expression
Grizelle González IITF IITF Soil Organisms and Ecosystem Processes and Function
William Gould IITF IITF Conservation Science, Biodiversity, Ecology, Cand Cover Mapping, Modeling Future Scenarios for Conservation Planning, Field Education and Outreach
Rafael L. Joglar UPRRP Biology Herpetology, Conservation Biology
José A. Lasalde UPRRP Biology Molecular Biology, Nicotinic Receptors
D. J. Lodge IITF IITF Fungus Systematics
Ariel E. Lugo IITF IITF Tropical Forest Ecology and Management
Carmen S. Maldonado UPRRP Biology Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Drug Addiction
Steven Massey UPRRP Biology Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics, Pathogen and Microbial Genomics, Molecular and Genome Evolution, High Throughput Sequencing, Complexity Theory, Molecular Modelling and Simulation
Olga L. Mayol UPRRP ITES Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry
Elvia J. Meléndez UPRRP ITES Effects of Exotic Species on Plant Communties
Jorge R. Ortiz UPRRP ITES Carbon Metabolism in Tropical Island Streams, Applied Limnology, Water Resources Management
Riccardo Papa UPRRP Biology Molecular Genetics and Development
Sandra Peña UPRRP Biology Molecular Neurobiology, Memory
Esther A. Peterson UPRRP Biology Breast Cancer, Cell Biology, Growth Factor Receptor Signaling in Cancer
Gregory J. Quirk UPRRCM Neural Mechanisms in Learning and Fear Extinction, Neurobiology of Emotions
Alonso Ramírez UPRRP ITES Aquatic Ecology
Carla Restrepo UPRRP Biology Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Plant-Animal Interactions, Conservation
Loretta Roberson UPRRP Physiology, Survival, Growth, and Reproduction of Tropical Marine Grasses, Algae, and Corals
Jose A. Rodriguez UPRRP Biology Functional Genomics, Molecular Recognition of Nucleic Acids, Gene Regulation, Protein-DNA Interactions, Transcription Factors, Biophysics
Eduardo Rosa UPRRP Biology Circuit Neuroscience and Nanoneuroscience
Alberto Sabat UPRRP Biology Population Ecology
Eugenio Santiago UPRRP Biology Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography, Ethnobotany
Richard Thomas UPRRP Biology Biogeography and Systematics, Herpetology
Gary A. Toranzos UPRRP Biology Environmental Microbiology
Raymond L. Tremblay UPRH Biology
Mashanov Vladimir UPRRP Biology
Valance Washington UPRRP Biology Role of Platelet Receptor and TREM-Like Transcript -1 in the Regulation of the Immune Response in Coagulation and Disease
Joseph M. Wunderle IITF IITF Avian Behavior and Ecology
Mei Yu UPRRP ITES Geospatial Analisys & Modeling in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Jess K. Zimmerman UPRRP ITES Dynamics of Tropical Plant Communities.  Tropical Tree Life Histories, Restoration Ecology.  Orchid Reproductive Ecology, Ant Ecology
Xioming Zou UPRRP ITES Ecosystem and Soil Ecology
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