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Biology-UPRRP: Graduate courses

Graduate courses

Code Name Credit hours
BIOL 5025 Animal Ecophysiology
BIOL 5026 Histology
BIOL 5029 Tropical Forest Resources
BIOL 5495 Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
BIOL 5548 Neurobiology
BIOL 5565 Biology of Fungi
BIOL 5580 Entomology
BIOL 5600 Marine Biology
BIOL 6001 Colloquium
BIOL 6002 Colloquium
BIOL 6007 Reproductive Processes in Plants
BIOL 6010 Microbiomes
BIOL 6040 Biogeography
BIOL 6100 Seminar in Systematics
BIOL 6115 Communities and Ecosystems
BIOL 6116 Population Ecology
BIOL 6117 Physiological Plant Ecology
BIOL 6119 Population and Communities
BIOL 6125 Microbial Ecology
BIOL 6126 Poblational Ecology
BIOL 6127 Large Scale Ecology
BIOL 6145 Bioconservation
BIOL 6190 Advanced Ecology
BIOL 6220 Plant Morphogenesis
BIOL 6222 Morphology of Vascular Plants
BIOL 6310 Genetic Analysis
BIOL 6360 Bioinformatics
BIOL 6367 Ecological Genetics
BIOL 6410 Biology of Terrestrial and Fresh Water Invertebrates of Puerto Rico
BIOL 6500 General Virology
BIOL 6501 Molecular and Cellular Biology I
BIOL 6502 Molecular and Cellular Biology II
BIOL 6515 Cell Physiology
BIOL 6526 Membrane Biology
BIOL 6537 Trends in Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 6560 Immunology
BIOL 6586 Cell Culture Techniques and their applications to Biological Research
BIOL 6597 Hormones and the environment
BIOL 6600 Marine Ecology
BIOL 6636 Marine Invertebrates
BIOL 6745 Biometry
BIOL 6800 Animal Behavior
BIOL 6900 Ultrastructure and Electron Microscopy
BIOL 6910 Supervised Investigation
BIOL 699 Special Topics in Modern Biology
BIOL 6991 Independent Investigation
BIOL 6995 Tropical Biology
BIOL 6996 Evolution
BIOL 6996 Seminar in Zoology
BIOL 6997 Thesis Investigation
BIOL 6998 Thesis Research Continuation
BIOL 8210 Seminar in Analysis of Development
BIOL 8991 Advvanced Investigation
BIOL 8995 Doctoral Seminar
BIOL 8997 Ph.D. Thesis Investigation
BIOL 8998 Thesis Research Continuation
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